Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?
The answer is no! Eyelashes are just like the hair on your head. They have a growth cycle of about 3-4 weeks, so some fall out as new lashes grow in. Being that the eyelash extensions are applied on to the natural lash, they will both fall together (this is why we do refills – to replace the lashes that have fallen). The length and thickness of eyelash extensions should also be applied in relation to the proportions of the natural lash. Otherwise, they risk weighing down the natural lashes and causing them to fall prematurely, and eventually not grow at all. In other words, incorrectly applied extensions by an inexperienced/uncertified lash technician will cause damage – this is where the eyelash extension horror stories originate. Otherwise, eyelash extensions will not damage the natural eyelashes at all! sometimes, paying just a little more can save your beautiful lashes.
How long do eyelash extensions last?
they last 3-4 weeks; the length of your natural lashes growth cycle.
What can I do to make the eyelash extensions last longer?
the aftercare of eyelash extensions is very important.
1) Avoid oil. Make sure your makeup remover/cleanser is oil free*. I carry some for just $30!
2) Don’t sleep on your face - or you’ll find lashes on your pillow! Eyelash extensions are fake lashes glued to your real lashes – they’re delicate!
3) Applying a lash protector/lash growth serum before bed and/or in the morning is ideal to preserve the bond of the glue and build stronger & longer lashes.
Can I be allergic to eyelash extensions?
Yes. Although the glue is hypoallergenic, and the extensions never actually touch the eyelid, some (but very few) people experience a bit of itching. usually the discomfort fades away after a couple days, even hours. If you have extremely sensitive eyes, book an eyelash extension trial with 4-5 extensions before getting the real deal!
Can I still wear mascara and makeup while wearing eyelash extensions?
You can wear as much makeup as you please, but you need to ensure that oil does not get on the lashes, as this makes them fall off – especially eyeliner and mascara. As for mascara, I get it -sometimes we need a little boost between refills or for special occasions! but, your mascara needs to be water-based (this would be indicated in the ingredients section of the box). I carry the full line of misencil products, including mascara and eyeliner, for just $30 each.
Can I still curl my lashes?
With eyelash extensions, you won’t feel as much of a need to curl your lashes because the extensions are curled! if you wish to give the extensions a little lift, you can curl them with a heated eyelash curler. I can offer you one for just $25! Stay away from mechanical eyelash curlers, as they will break off eyelash extensions, and cause damage to your natural eyelashes.
I have blonde eyelashes. Will black extensions look odd?
No. The black eyelash extensions are applied over the natural lashes in a way that covers their color. Only when you are looking closely into a very magnified mirror might you notice the blonde lashes.
I don’t want the eyelash extensions to be very dramatic” or “I want the eyelash extensions to be very dramatic”.
I carry eyelash extensions of all different lengths and thicknesses to suit every style, preference, and eye shape. I am able to create the look that you want.
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